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WeatherLink 5.9.2a


Beta version. 


This beta version does not install the Silicon Labs VCP USB driver.  This eliminates WeatherLink installation failures on some PCs.




JavaLang fix for Macintosh


Instructions for resolving JavaLang error using WeatherLink for Macintosh




Verbose Debug App for Mac


This version of Mac software (.app file only) will write debug data to the Mac’s Console app.  This is for troubleshooting the “No jspMacOSX in java.library.path” error.






WeatherLinkIP beta firmware v0.61


Beta Version


This beta version eliminates erroneous high low values for extra stations when viewing the summary page at




Vantage Vue console firmware v2.13


Beta Version


This beta version will not display a “low battery on station x” message until 50 low battery flags in a row are received from the SIM.







Network Info Utility


Gathers relevant information about your local network and WeatherLinkIP for troubleshooting purposes







Mac OS X Lion USB Driver v2.9


Mac OS X Lion compatible USB driver for Davis USB WeatherLink datalogger, #6520.




Win7 - USB Driver for p/n 8434 Serial to USB Adapter


Windows 7 compatible USB driver for Davis Instruments product #8434 Serial to USB Adapter







Sensor Placement in Grape Crop


Paper detailing proper sensor placement in grape crop for determining fungal disease risk.  Relevant for IPM grape module.